Switch from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp without losing chats!

Using WhatsApp with the same old limited features can be boring at some times, and it can limit your control over things as well. Considering these factors, one can only think of switching from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp for more features and total control over things.

GB WhatsApp is your go-to option in this case, and you must be aware of its unique features and how popular it is among users. But wait for a second. The only thing preventing users from shifting to this app is the fear of losing their precious data, but don’t worry! I’ve got your back.

Let’s discuss some easy ways to transfer your data to this app from simple WhatsApp without hassle.

Backup your WhatsApp data

Before Transferring data, we need to make a local backup of data and keep it in a safe place so we can use it later. ( Check out this article for a complete guide about data backup )

  • So, first, go to your Whatsapp, and in settings, click on back up and make a local backup of data ( make sure you remove the Google Drive option from the backup so you can create a local backup ).
  • After you finish backing up your data, go to your file manager and find the WhatsApp folder. Inside that, you will find the “Database” folder. Copy that folder and paste it to a safe place.
Backup data before switching from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Transfer data from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp

Transfer data from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp

Now, before transferring or restoring data, we need to follow some steps, and after that, we can transfer the data safely.

  • So, go to your mobile settings and find Whatsapp in the app section. Once you find it, click on it to clear all the app’s cache and data and uninstall it.
  • Now install the APK file where you want to transfer data, go to your file manager, copy the database file you copied earlier, and paste it into the downloaded APK folder.
  • Now, follow the simple steps and sign in with the same number. While proceeding, you will get an Allow Whatsapp to locate local backup, so click “continue,” and you will get an option to restore the backup.
  • Click on restore, and that’s it; your WhatsApp data will be successfully transferred within no time.

Transfer chats on a different Mobile

Transferring data to a different mobile is much easier than the above steps. You can quickly transfer data using a new feature called “Transfer chat,” Amazingly, you can find it in both apps. So, go to your mobile settings, and in “chats,” you can see this option. So turn on your mobile location from which you have WhatsApp and click on “start.” 

Meanwhile, download the mod APK on another mobile, register with the same contact number, and scan the QR code using both phones. That’s it; it’ll start transferring the chats between apps with privacy and any fear of losing data.

Transfer chats on a different Mobile in GB WhatsApp APK

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Simply download the backup into your phone from Google Drive and paste it into the GB folder.

Yes, with the new update, you can now connect WhatsApp to up to 4 devices, and in this way, you can use WhatsApp on both apps on different devices, but you can not do it on the same device.

Now, you can easily transfer or restore the chats using these methods without any issues. I tried to share the methods that I used, and the “Transfer chats” method is my personal favourite if you want to switch mobiles, and it is easier for a noob like me as well; just kidding. 😀

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