Gb WhatsApp APK 2024 (v17.85) Pro Update for Android Download

Using WhatsApp with the same limited features can be frustrating at times. One can only think of a better option with more amazing features, which can enhance your experience of chatting and contacting people with total control over things. In this case, GB WhatsApp APK is your go-to app with all your desired features.

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This Pro version of WhatsApp has all the new and premium features that provide a user-friendly experience and engage the user more. In this update of the latest version of this app, users can now use multiple accounts on a single app and can switch between them easily.

In this article, we’ll discuss the GB WhatsApp Plus features against the official version of this app, which make it stand out among other versions of the mod APK of WhatsApp. You’ll also explore the all-new key feature in this latest update and all the information you need before downloading and installing this app for your Android.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Many of you must already be familiar with WhatsApp, one of the most used and famous chatting and media-sharing apps. It is one of the Mod versions of the original WhatsApp, which includes many exciting features that the original WhatsApp doesn’t. With every new update, it becomes more handy and attracts more users.

One of the key features of this app is it allows users to adjust their privacy according to their needs, be it by hiding their online notification/status or reading anyone’s messages without making them aware. It consists of many of these types of exciting features, and with its new anti-ban update, users can now freely use the app without any fear of getting banned.

What is GB WhatsApp?

How to Fix “Soon you will need the official WhatsApp to use this Account”?

Nowadays, many users complain of receiving this popup and automatically being logged out of their accounts. It is happening because of WhatsApp’s new update, and many users were affected because they were unaware of the solution. Well, you don’t need to worry because I just discovered a solution for users facing this issue. So, let’s get started.

  • First, you must install the Official WhatsApp app from the Play Store on another mobile( don’t worry; we won’t use it ) and sign up with your same number.
  • Now delete the GB WhatsApp from your mobile device, download it from the above link, and install it.
  • Now open the APK file you downloaded from here. Instead of entering the number and signing up, click on the three dots at the top, click “Link as companion device,” and take a screenshot of the QR code.
  • Now open official WhatsApp, go to linked devices, and scan the QR code of the device you just took a screenshot of on another device ( Make sure to perform this step and the above step within 5 seconds, as the QR code changes every 5 seconds).

That’s it! You can now easily use this app without fear and will not receive the notification again.

How to Fix ” Soon you will need the official WhatsApp to use this Account” in GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK download / Install guide:

Although it isn’t rocket science to download any app, it can be tricky for someone who is not very familiar with downloading an app from outside the Play Store as this app isn’t available there. So here are a few easy steps to download and install this app.

First, go to your mobile settings and make sure to allow downloading from unknown sources and go straight to our site.

Now, Scroll a bit and click on the download option to start downloading this app.

After you’re done with downloading, go to your browser’s downloads and click on that APK file.

Now click on Install, and once it’s done, Ta-da! You have successfully installed it.

Now open the app, create an account with the number, and you’re good to go.

Top Features of GB WhatsApp APK in 2024

With every new update, This modified WhatsApp APK comes up with some new and exciting features that attract and fascinate the user more and prove to be beneficial for the user. In this update, we’ll discuss some new feature and their uses and how it is proving to be a good addition to this amazing app.

Ghost Mode

This new feature adds some extra privacy for the user. Now, users can use this app without anyone’s knowledge of being online. You can read anyone’s messages, and it won’t turn blue; you can watch anyone’s story without making them aware, and your last seen will be frozen.

Mass Message Sender

This feature is quite handy, but at the same time, it can be scary as well. If you want to perform any prank on someone or if you want to irritate someone, then this feature is all you are looking for. You can send messages to anyone in bulk with a single click, saving a lot of your time, but hold on! Your number might end up getting blocked, so watch out before trying to do anything silly.

Message a number

It can be frustrating when every time you want to contact someone through WhatsApp, but you can’t send them a text unless or until you save their number in your mobile contact list. But with this feature, you can send anyone a text without saving them in your contacts by just putting their number in it and clicking on the text icon.

Auto Reply

This feature can save a lot of time when you are busy or don’t want to reply to every single individual. Then, you can just turn this feature on and save any reply you want to send, so every time someone sends you a text, that reply will automatically be sent, and you don’t have to worry about missing out on those important messages.

Message Scheduler

If you are busy, or you fear forgetting to wish someone on their birthday, then you can schedule your message for a set time, and it’ll be automatically delivered at that particular time.

Who can call me?

You can get annoyed when someone keeps calling you at the wrong time when you’re not in a position to attend the call and answer, or when you don’t want to receive calls from any specific person for some reason. Then you can just enable this feature, and that person won’t be able to call you. Even if they try, the call won’t connect.

Disable Forwarded Tag

When sharing someone’s sent messages with someone else, there is always a “forwarded” tag popping at the top of the text, which gives an idea to the receiver that this person just sent another person’s message to me. By enabling this, you can hide this tag, and no one can become aware of this.

Freeze Last Seen

By enabling this, you can freeze your last seen, and nobody will be aware that you’re online.

See message edit history

WhatsApp’s newly added feature, “edit message,” is used these days commonly, and anyone can edit the message in case of any typo or mistakenly sending the wrong message. The receiver can only see the message as “edited” but won’t get any idea what was actually sent. But in this feature, you can see the actual message as well.

Lock your GB WhatsApp

Suppose you want to keep your WhatsApp private and do not want anyone to have access to it. In that case, you can set a lock to your WhatsApp the same way you set a mobile lock by setting any pin, pattern, or fingerprint, and every time you try to open your WhatsApp after a while, it’ll ask for a password, and this way, you can keep it protected.

Password Recovery Question

You can set a recovery question, In case you lock your account or any chat and forget the password later.

Anti-Revoke any Messages

Anti-Revoke is an auto-enabled feature of modified WhatsApp, in which, if someone sends a message and later deletes it for everyone, it’ll remain the same and won’t be deleted from our side.

Translate any text

This in-chat translator feature allows users to translate any text written in any language into their desired language.

DND Mode

DND ( Do Not Disturb) mode allows user to freely use their mobile without any disturbance being made from this app and stops the notifications unless or until you open the app again.

Dual WhatsApp Account

In this new feature, a user can use more than one account on the same app and easily switch between them.

Big-size File/Media sharing

If you’ve used the simple version of this app, then you must be aware of the limitations it has when it comes to sharing or receiving any media files. But this Mod application allows its user to send up to 100 pictures and can send big-size video ( Up to 50 MB) and audio ( Almost 100MB).

Dark Mode

Dark Mode turns the screen color into black, which is quite a useful feature while using the app at night as it eases the screen effect on the user’s eyes.

Customizable UI

Customizing UI ( User Interface ) according to your interest is another great feature of this app. You can change and place the icon according to your use; you can also change the color of the text or any icon, adjust the font according to your interest also you can adjust the size, can choose different emoji packs, and totally change the UI style into any style, be it IOS UI or any old UI.

Different Privacy Options

When it comes to User privacy, this Mod application is on top of prioritizing it. You can read anyone’s text and hide the blue or double-tick. Even you can watch anyone’s story, and it won’t show your name in “story view.”

Sticker and Themes

There are a lot of options when it comes to themes in GBWA. You can even create your own themes or download themes created by other users. Stickers are also another great aspect to make a conversation engaging. You can easily download them, you can create them by yourself by using a sticker maker, or save other user stickers as well.

Longer Video Status

Simple WhatsApp only allows 30-second video per status, but in this modified app, you can post more than 30-second video status as well.

In-build Voice Changer

Sending normal voice notes is all good, but what if you can change the voice according to your interest, so here comes this feature into play. By using this, you can change your voice according to the multiple options available in this app

Pin Multiple Chats

Now you can pin Multiple chats on top, as many as you want. Although original WhatsApp only allows three chats that can be pinned.

Filter Chats

It gives you an option to filter your chat messages, and you can clear any specific chat as well.

Download Status

You can easily download anyone’s status by clicking the down arrow sign without their knowledge.

Broadcast Text Message

Sending broadcast text means sharing the message with a large number of people in your contact list. You can share broadcast text messages with any Community group.

Share live location

While typing, click on the pin, and there will be an option for location. Just click on that, and you can share your location with anyone you want.

Some Key Features

Yes, you heard it right; we’re not going to stop here because this app consists of too many features that can not be described in one go. So, let’s go through some more eye-catching GB WhatsApp pro features.

GB WhatsApp VS WhatsApp? A brief comparison

Why People Prefer this app over WhatsApp

As we discussed earlier, GB WhatsApp Messenger comes up with a lot of extra features that attract the user towards it. Its safety features are another key factor being preferred by its users. It provides different benefits to its users and, at the same time, makes sure to keep them updated with new features every month.

GB WhatsApp Vs WhatsApp
Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Is GB WhatsApp safe? Security and Legal Perspective

There is a lot of debate going around whether it is safe to use this app or not, and there are a few concerns as well about privacy control and data security and its legality, but let me share my experience of using this app with you guys.

I’ve been using this app for more than 6 years, and honestly speaking, I never faced any issues while using this app. I can’t even remember when was the last time I used simple WhatsApp, and I do not even want to. So now, I hope all your doubts about this app must be cleared now.

GB WhatsApp for iPhone / IOS / MAC / PC?

Nowadays, people are searching a lot about whether this app is available for iPhone/IOS or MAC, and there is a lot of wrong information or misleading links published on the internet. But the truth is, sadly, there is no such thing that exists for any of those mentioned above, and people are just making fools out of others.

Although you can use this app on PC with the help of an emulator, you have to follow some steps in order to run this app on your Desktop.

GB WhatsApp for iPhone / IOS / MAC / PC
New Latest version of GB WhatsApp APK

Updating to the Latest version

While using this app, it is necessary to update the app on time in order to benefit from the latest features. But wait! You must be thinking of how you will get the idea if there is any update available or not, but don’t worry, it’ll automatically pop up a notification on your screen every time there is a new update, and you can simply update it the same way you downloaded it.

Data Back Up and Transfer

Backing up your chat data is a crucial thing, and no one will ever want to lose control over it, for this reason, this app provides you multiple options to get hold of your data. Backing up data is a simple process of just clicking on back up, or it’ll automatically back up data at a set period.

There is another new and super powerful feature that allows user to transfer their chat history to another device within a few minutes. It lets the user easily move their data to another Android device in case of changing their mobile or for other reasons directly without the use of Google Drive or any other medium.

Data Back Up and Transfer in GB WhatsApp
GB WhatsApp Old Versions 

Overview of GB WhatsApp APK Old Versions 

With every update, this app keeps bringing new and unique features that keep grabbing the attention of users, and most of them enjoy the new updates. Still, few can’t overcome the user experience they had with old versions.

If we discuss some of the best old versions of this mod APK, then ( v17.55, v17.52, v17.51, v17.50, v17.45, v17.40, v17.30, v17.20, v17.10, v17.00, v6.70, v6.85, v8.4, v8.25, v14.10, v16.20, v10.00 53MB ) are top of the list with some good features.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

No, it can’t! Unless or until you try to click or send any spam links.

No, there is no such feature to check this in this APK.

Yes, you can transfer your data into this app, or you can use the same account on multiple apps.

It works on all the latest versions of android smoothly.

No, you can download this app on any Android device with some good space.

Just simply delete the existing app from your device, and download the app from above given link, as it the updated version with strong anti-ban protection.

No, there are no such disadvantages to using this app, it is totally safe to use.

No, there is no need to root your mobile, you can simply use it on any Android device.

As we discussed earlier, the iPhone does not support any third-party app.

No, this app has no lite version available; you may find some apps on the internet, but they are highly risky to download, and you might get fooled.

All these things you read above were just my personal experience using this app, and to sum up this in one article was a big challenge, but I tried my best to explain every related thing in detail. Furthermore, you can use this app yourself and must share your experience in the comment box if you are already using this app.