GB WhatsApp download old version APK (2024)

Being an old user of GB WhatsApp APK, some of us might face this issue of not getting used to the new user interface or new updates in the latest version of this app. It can also happen when you have been using an app for a long time, and when you get used to something, it gets difficult to upgrade, even if it’s better than before.

In this case, one can only think of getting back those nostalgic user experiences. For this reason, I’ve shared some of the Top and most talked about GB WhatsApp old version with a complete guide on how to download and install them and other related things as well.

Why do People Prefer old versions?

As we discussed above, people can find it hard to adjust to new interfaces and features. If they are using an old mobile, then it can be another reason for that, as the latest version might not work best on their phone. Another reason can be that old versions were lighter in size compared to the latest ones.

GB WhatsApp APK Old versions

Recent old versions of GB WhatsApp APK



















GB WhatsApp download old version by year















Amazing Features of GB WhatsApp Old Versions

Talking about this app, one can not stop counting the amazing features of this app, but here are some of the GB WhatsApp pro features in older versions.

Comparison of old and latest version

Requirement and Permission

While downloading these APK files on your device, there are some permissions required in order to download them without any hassle.

  • Make sure you are downloading this app on an Android device because it might not work on any other device.
  • Before you start downloading, go to your device settings and allow permission to download from unknown devices.
  • While downloading this app, google may ask your permission to continue downloading, so click “Download Anyway.”
Requirement and permission for GB WhatsApp old version
How to Download and Install Old Versions of Gb WhatsApp

How to Download and Install Old Versions

Downloading the previous versions of this APK can be different from downloading the new version, and you might have to do some settings before proceeding.

  • When you download and open this APK file to your Android device, It might ask you that you’re using an old version and update your app, and it won’t let you log into your account. You simply have to go to the mobile setting and change and set your mobile date and time according to that specific version’s release date.
  • After that, open the app again, and you won’t receive that error again, so log in to your account after signing in, go to the app settings, click on “update,” turn off the update notifications, and now you can reset you mobile date and time.

GB WhatsApp Old Version for iPhone / MAC / PC?

As we discussed earlier, Downloading this APK file on an iOS or Mac device is nearly impossible, as it is not available for these devices unless you try to root your device. There might be some other ways to download and use this app, but as far as I know, it is not available for iOS and MAC devices. However, you can use it on PC with the help of an emulator.

GB WhatsApp Old Version for iPhone-IOS-MAC-PC

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

There is always a risk of getting banned if you do not follow the described policies and keep on using previous versions.

No, you won’t be able to use the latest feature in the previous versions of this APK.

No, you don’t need to root your device to use this app on your Android device.

All these years using this app has been great fun for me. I’ve almost used every version of this app, and with every update, it’s getting better and better now. Yes, there can be a debate between the new and older versions of this app, but if you ask me, I’ll surely go with the latest version because of many reasons. And if you’ve read the whole article, you’ll agree with me as well.

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