Privacy Policy

“Your Privacy Matters: Welcome to Our Privacy Policy”

Welcome to GB WhatsApp! We are well aware that some of our users might have some concerns about the privacy of their data and how we use it. Few must be worrying about the security and safety of their personal information, but don’t worry—we have got you covered.

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Our policies about privacy of your data


Information Collection

When a user comes to our site, we see how they interact with things on our website to check the interest of our users and cover all the bases left uncovered.

We also collect users’ names and emails through the Contact Us page in order to respond to their queries and provide a hassle-free experience.



We collect cookies to improve the user browsing experience and check their activities on our site ( You can manage cookie preferences through your browser settings ).


Data Usage

You must be thinking about what we do with your data, right?

Well! It is used for a few internal purposes, such as checking people’s interests, keeping our users updated with the latest happenings, and optimizing the site experience according to visitors’ choice of interest.



We follow all the necessary security measures to keep our visitors’ data safe, provide them with a safe environment, and build their trust in us.


Policy Updates

In the future, we might update our policy terms according to user demand, and any change made will be reflected on our site.

If you still want to explore more, you can also read about us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us.

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