GB WhatsApp APK account temporarily banned solution in 2024

It can be pretty frustrating when you’ve been using an app for a long time, and you have created a lot of memories with your friends and family in the form of chats and suddenly get banned without any prior notice. Well! I’ve gone through this, and I can understand your concerns as well, so let’s discuss about GB WhatsApp banned solution.

If you came across the temporary ban, then you’ll automatically be unbanned in a few days. Still, if it’s a permanent ban, then you can contact their support by writing an email, and we have to follow some steps (described below) in order to get our account back.

It can happen for a few reasons, so let’s discuss how to avoid it and the solution to get out of it.

Why GB WhatsApp get banned?

It can happen for several reasons, but there is a perception that it happens only because of using a modded version of WhatsApp. But let me tell you one thing. The only time my account got banned was while I was using the official WhatsApp with another number. Although it was a temporary ban, I got my account back in a few days.

Even after the anti-ban protection in this app, our accounts usually get banned because we do not follow the terms and conditions, go against the rules, or someone has reported us for some reason. For me, it was mistakenly clicking on some spam links, which resulted in my account getting temporarily banned.

Why GB WhatsApp get banned?
Types of Bans in GB WhatsApp APK

Types of Bans in GB WhatsApp APK

You must be wondering about the reason for getting banned and what can be done to prevent this in the future, but let’s discuss the type of bans in this app.

Temporarily banned

It can happen if you violate this app’s terms and policies or engage in unauthorized activities. This type of ban can last for a few hours or days, and you’ll be unbanned automatically. 

Consider it as a warning and make sure you don’t get involved in the same activities again, or you can get banned again. 

Permanently banned

You can be permanently banned from using this app if you violate the rules repeatedly or engage in spamming or abusing the policies. Initially, you don’t get banned permanently. You might get warned before by getting a temporary ban, but if you keep engaging in the same activities, then you can get permanently banned.

GB WhatsApp banned solution in easy ways

You might come across the news of GB WhatsApp APK not working on your Android, and that is why you’re here, so let’s discuss a few methods to restore your account.

If your account is temporarily banned, then you don’t need to worry about this; your account will be automatically unbanned, but if you still want to get your account back early, then follow the below steps.

  • Install any VPN, connect it, go to settings, find the app, and clear its data. Now uninstall the app, re-install it, and sign in with the same number, and you won’t be having any issues now.
  • Professionally, write an email and state that your account was hacked, and you’re unaware of all the activities performed from your account and how important it is to get your account back.

The first method might only work for some, but this method is the most effective one and can help you get your permanently banned account back. 

GB WhatsApp banned solution in easy ways
Things to avoid while using GB WhatsApp APK

Things to avoid

Multiple things can result in getting your account banned, and a few of them are stated below.

  • Using the “Mass message sender.” feature can make your account banned for further use, and it is clearly stated at the top of the feature that “if you send many spam messages, your account can get banned, so use at your own risk.”
  • Clicking on spam links or sending them to others is also against the rules and can prevent you from using the app.
  • Abusing someone or sharing inappropriate things is also a big reason for getting banned, and you can get banned permanently as well. Most of the time, people report these types of things, and action is taken accordingly.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it can happen for many reasons; as stated above, the most common one is if you get involved in spamming, then you can get banned as well.

Make sure you have the latest version of his app, and follow the steps mentioned above as well.

Everything has its pros and cons, but I won’t consider this a con of this app, as it can only happen if we go against the rules. So now you must have found the solution to your problem. Just keep the things discussed above in mind while using this app, and you won’t need to worry about this in the future. 

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